Churches, Culture, and Leadership: A Practical Theology of Congregations and Ethnicities

by Mark Lau Branson, Juan F, Martinez. IVP Academic, 2011.

This book is for congregational leaders who value cultural diversity and want to build intercultural and interethnic relationships. A multi-cultural team, Branson and Melendez, seek to help churches gain the skills and competencies necessary for success in a multicultural context. The book addresses the particular history and context of the US, arguing that our cultural diversity is a both a gift and call. Using stories, Bible studies, and applied exercises, the authors show leaders how to develop a congregation’s capacity to relate to the stranger. All exercises are designed for both individual and group format. Each chapter has movie suggestions to enable learners to enter into the world of the other. The book is associated with the website {{Churches, Cultures, & Leadership |}}, which provides additional resources and opportunities for discussion.