ChurchSmart Resources

Bloomington, MN. (800) 253-4276.
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This ecumenical Christian resource center offers books, assessment tools, workshops and more that address “church planting, church health, and leadership development.” The resources cover a range of topics, including assertiveness, dysfunction, conflict, and worship. A handful of resources are available in Spanish. Persons familiar with ChurchSmart’s historic relationship with Natural Church Development (NCD) will notice that, while some NCD books and pamphlets are still available, the NCD survey and other services are now exclusively offered through {{NCD America |}}. ChurchSmart continues to partner with other organizations, such as CoachNet, to provide leadership training opportunities. ChurchSmart’s website also has free, downloadable resources. One such document discusses church constitutions, for example. ChurchSmart’s market is leaders, and its perspective is Christian, though other traditions will find some resources easy to adapt.