Clip in: Risking Hospitality in Your Church

by Jim Ozier, Fiona Haworth. Abingdon Press, 2014.

Bicycle riders who use pedal clips can perform at a higher level by using both the upward and downward pedaling motion to propel them forward. In Clip In, a veteran pastor and an educator compellingly employ bicycle analogies to present a model for high capacity hospitality. They demonstrate how to go beyond the “Hospitality Team” to embed hospitality in the community’s DNA, helping the congregation grow while energizing existing members. This practical guide provides action suggestions with step-by-step instructions. Quotes by the likes of Mark Twain and Hellen Keller introduce each chapter. Discussion questions at the end extend the conversation into the congregation. More than a how-to book, Clip In speaks to the heart of anyone yearning to embody hospitality through congregational ministry. Addressed primarily to Mainline congregations, Clip In is widely accessible and would work well for leadership development, small group study, or an all-congregation emphasis.