Coming Home: Ministry That Matters with Veterans and Military Families

by Zachary Moon. Chalice Press, 2015.

“We need to find ways of saying, with our words and actions, We are excited that you are here. We have been waiting for you. We have a meaningful role for you to play in our community.” The return of military service members involves challenges, yes, but it also presents opportunities for enriched community life. Zachary Moon draws upon his experience as a military chaplain and the stories of returning soldiers to make the case for a “transforming process of reorienting” the congregation’s relationships with veterans and their families. He argues that the best transition home involves a partnership which acknowledges mutual need and mutual gifts. This practical guide equips congregations and individuals for the journey of discovery and recovery that leads to true home-coming. Each chapter ends with questions for individual reflection and small group discussion. Further resources can be accessed at {{ |}}