Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation: Reformation Resources from Fortress Press

Accessed May 14, 2020.

This website provides two portals visitors can enter, "Introducing the Reformation” and "Resources for Deeper Study", each providing a range of information in a variety of formats. It is a go-to site for leaders charged with helping their congregations observe the 2017 Reformation anniversary and for anyone wishing a deeper understanding of the historic Protestant-Catholic divide.


interactive timeline; Martin Luther biography; multiple choice quiz; book recommendations; 30-minute documentary on Katie Luther

Best For

clergy, lay leaders, youth, and adults



Suggested Uses

  • Glimpse into the domestic life of Martin Luther and Mrs. Luther's unique contributions after watching the 30-minute documentary.
  • Learn about how the movement progressed in an interactive timeline along with a slideshow of other key figures such as Hus, Zwingli, and Calvin.

About the Contributor
Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming is a contract resource consultant for the Center for Congregations. Her consulting practice includes congregation-based Permaculture Design and equipping congregations for creation care.

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