Community Tool Box

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large community tool box

The Community Tool Box is a public service of the University of Kansas and its KU Work Group for Community Health and Development. This free, online resource teaches the skills needed for building healthier communities. The 46 chapters address topics such as leadership, finance, communication, and more. Each chapter is divided into sections which include a thorough description of the skill, a checklist, a tool which helps the user practice the skill, and a PowerPoint summarizing the section’s content. Not only is the Community Tool Box an invaluable tool for teaching skills for community building, these skills are useful in other contexts as well. For example, the chapter entitled “Conducting Effective Meetings” includes sections on facilitation skills, capturing what people say, and techniques for leading group discussions. At the very least, the PowerPoint summaries could be used with any congregational ministry group as an introduction to effective meetings. All of the resources are well-organized, user-friendly, and accessible. Anyone interested in improving the health of their communities and/or providing leadership skills to congregational leaders will return again and again to this valuable resource.