Completing the Circle: Reviewing Ministries in the Congregation

by David R. McMahill. Alban Institute, 2003.
Large completing the circle

This short book by a judicatory executive draws on experience with ineffective or hurtful congregational evaluations of pastors and offers a different model. McMahill suggests that rather than a traditional evaluation of the pastor as an employee, that pastor and congregation together engage in evaluation of the ministry they share. The book outlines a ‘good review’ which provides valuable feedback and holds people accountable and discusses the type of approach and communication necessary to make that happen. A step-by-step process is included for congregations to follow, together with sample discussion guides for different feedback groups used in the process. This resource will be useful to congregations seeking to improve the ways they offer feedback, as well as to those wanting a fair, effective and useful way to evaluate their ministries and their pastor’s leadership.

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