Confessions of a Church Merger Pastor

by Jim Tomberlin. ChurchLeaders. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large confessions merger

Mergers are complicated. It can be helpful to hear from someone who has taken on a complicated task as you embark on the same. This short article consists of an interview with Craig Bishop, pastor of the large BranchCreek Community Church outside of Philadelphia. He reflects on the experience of his congregation merging with an even larger congregation: the LCBC Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The answers that Pastor Bishop provides will be most helpful to larger congregations considering mergers. Since the merger involved satellite sites, the information also applies to some of the issues related to developing various campuses. In some ways, the information provided serves as a case study of Multi-Site Solutions (see {{ |}}); a consulting group. Though the issues aren’t universal (how to handle the desire for high definition broadcasts), some of specifics make the information relevant to other large congregations interested in learning from another (the importance of finding the right partner congregation). Finally, the article represents a merger that builds on strength rather than decline.