Connect Community Service and Corporate Worship

by Joan Huyser-Honig. Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, May 5, 2010. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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One challenge faced by many congregations is the meaningful integration of public ministries of the church with the weekly rhythm of worship. This article from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship discusses this challenge and offers a number of suggestions and resources, to enrich both the acts of service themselves, and also the sense of mission and ministry within the congregation, through worship. By referencing and linking to the work of Diana Garland and the Service and Faith project at Baylor University, this resource relies on credible research and makes very practical, outcome-based recommendations for congregations wishing to connect their service in the community with the faith identity formed and developed through worship, including music, prayer, and storytelling. This resource is particularly valuable for congregations seeking to increase awareness and integrate their public ministry interests with worship.

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