Construction Cost is Only Part of the Church Project Budget

by Robert C. Foreman. Multibriefs, January 2, 2014. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large construction cost

Estimating construction costs of a building project is critically important, but as architect Robert Foreman reminds readers, construction is but one part of the budget. This brief article identifies fourteen categories of items to consider when estimating the full cost of building a new facility. Such costs include fundraising and moving expenses, landscaping, and other fees associated with local ordinances or building codes. Additional areas include costs for interior design, insurance, and soil and environmental inspections. It is particularly helpful that Foreman notes which of the expenses are sometimes included in fees for an architectural firm and which expenses may be part of the overall construction cost. This information can serve a prompt for congregations to ask prospective service providers what specific items are covered in their contracts. Any congregation interested in building a new facility will find the explanations and checklist helpful.

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