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Converge focuses on helping leaders plant new churches. The executive director of church planting at Converge is Lee Stephenson who has been active in pastoral ministries since 1998. The organization is rooted in various strands of the Baptist tradition but recently has opened their services to other evangelical leaders. Converge provides resources, expertise, and coaching to provide a network of support for the new church planter. As a planter, services available to you include practical coaching, ongoing training, and relationships with Converge’s network of planters (so you aren’t alone in your ministry). Key to Converge’s model is an assessment process designed to reduce risk while increase church planting success. The assessment experience includes training and evaluation for the church planter regarding their readiness for the senior leadership role of a new church plant. Such assessment experiences occur up to five times a year. They are usually four day long events. They occur in various locations across the United States. Once your gifts are affirmed as part of the assessment process, you have the opportunity to participate in a Church Planting 101 cohort. Converge’s services and model of church planting are clearly described on their website. Select Visit Source below to learn more.

Curator Curated by Tim Shapiro

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