More Covid 19

When Will Churches Be Back? Vital Info for Churches
This brief interview provides a data-driven perspective about vaccines and when it's safe to worship in person.
Safely returning to worship
Guidelines for preparing to transition back to in-person worship after COVID 19.
Bio-Ethical Questions about COVID Vaccines
This Christianity Today article provides data, historical context, and Christian perspectives regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.
With Science and Scripture, Pastor Fights Vaccine Skepticism
Pastor Terris King shares how he encourages COVID-19 precautions in black communities through preaching, education, and science.
Vaccination Sites Opening at African-American Churches
This article outlines how churches are distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.
The Church has a Role to Play in Implementing COVID Vaccine
This article explores biblical reasons to support the COVID-19 vaccine with actionable steps for clergy.
Louisville Seminary Counseling Center
This counseling center provides a variety of mental health services to adults, families, and children.
Maintain Mental Health During the Holidays
This NAMI article offers simple strategies to stay mentally healthy during the COVID-19 holidays.
Church Recovery Guide: Adapt and Thrive After a Crisis
This short book provides advice and steps to lead a congregation through crisis. These insights are valuable for major change or crisis, especially COVID-19.
Manage Stress and Cultivate Resiliency
This webinar provides mental health practices for coping during COVID-19 and racial unrest.
Keeping Internal Controls in Check During a Pandemic
This on-demand webinar includes important reminders of the basics of internal controls and when to consider adjusting them in times of change.
Church & State: Government Restrictions or Biblical Convictions
In this Q Ideas recorded event, Gabe Lyons facilitates a panel discussion about the controversy of gathering for worship during the pandemic.
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