Crafting a Theology of Stewardship

by Joel Mikell. Ben Stroup Enterprises, 2013.
Large crafting a theology

Beginning from the premise that in order to be fruitful, all ministry must be clearly grounded in a consistent theological worldview, this short e-book offers a very readable theological reflection on stewardship for small groups or congregational leaders. This theological approach to stewardship grew from author Joel Mikell’s career as a worship leader and music minister, alongside his experience as a stewardship consultant (and author of other books on stewardship), and it is a consistent and unifying theme across the book. By answering the question of why a church should have a theology of stewardship, and providing an avenue for church members and leaders to develop one that fits a particular congregation, this book can be a catalyst for a new view on giving within a congregation. Laid out for a multi-session discussion and planning, this book is ideally suited for small group or Sunday school study. Not available in a print edition.