Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling

by Andy Crouch. InterVarsity Press, 2008.
Large culture making

Evangelical author Andy Crouch offers this critique of culture and culture making. He argues that Christians have engaged in a misguided “culture war” rather than to be creative in culture making. This shift from a negative “us vs. them” approach is presented as a hopeful alternative. “Culture”, Crouch asserts, is what we make of the world, both by creating cultural artifacts and offering interpretations of how the world around us makes sense. We make everyday, useful things, and we make long-lasting and transforming things: language and laws. His simple definition of culture is “creating anything good”. Central to the book is the scope of its connection with vocation. It is simply every Christian’s responsibility to contribute to the common good as a matter of vocation. Vocation means “calling”. This is to be understood as an essential part of the Biblical narrative and a call to every believer. Christian are to understand themselves as culture makers rather than simply being consumers. This book won the 2009 Christianity Today’s book award.

Reviewed by Brian Witwer

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