Curating Worship

by Jonny Baker. Seabury Books, 2010.
Large curating worship

Marrying the idea of curation from the art world with the process of worship design opens up innovative and refreshing approaches to the worship experience. Instead of “leading,” the designer gathers elements, provides a context, and allows others to provide the content, which often happens in the act of worship. Curating is not done by formula. It is accomplished by groups of all sizes collaborating to provide a space where people can encounter, experience, question, or explore-all products of imaginative thinking. Curating a worship experience can be as simple as meeting in an art museum to do Lectio Divina to setting up Stations of the Cross in a public arena. The majority of the book consists of interviews with 12 worship curators from around the world who have excelled in this art. Worship leaders interested in infusing worship experiences with more creativity may find this source inspirational.