Dealing with Dangerous People

Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Several authors, including church expert Richard Hammar, contribute to this article from Christianity Today that helps churches discover issues and strategies for keeping staff and parishioners safe. The introduction differentiates between someone who is “dangerous”, versus someone who is “harmless” but “disruptive.” An included assessment tool evaluates a church’s readiness for dealing with dangerous people. Other sections identify behaviors that may indicate a person is dangerous and offer responses for removing dangerous people from the building. Additionally, the article addresses transients, those with mental challenges, children caught in custody disputes, and sex offenders. Relevant legal issues are discussed, and “thought provokers” are designed to spur conversations amongst leaders. Lastly, a process for using the information and several additional resources are offered. Awareness, education, and training are emphasized throughout the article. The information is thought-provoking, practical, and helpful, making it relevant and appropriate for those from any religious tradition.