Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

by Jim Belcher. InterVarsity Press, 2009.
Large deep church

Having experienced the traditional Evangelical and the emerging Evangelical churches, adjunct professor, pastor, and church leader Jim Belcher brings a unique understanding to the conflict between the two Evangelical streams. Belcher first explains the emerging church movement-its hopes, goals, and its seven chief critiques of traditional Evangelicalism. The critiques range from the lack of concern with social justice to the nature of God to the penchant for worship as entertainment. Belcher then explores the seven critiques in more detail and adds the traditional Evangelical perspective to the discussion. After assessing both Evangelical perspectives, Belcher offers his solution: “deep church.” “Deep church” is a concept borrowed from C.S. Lewis, and among other things, it requires trust and dialogue. This must-read reflects an Evangelical conflict and perspective; however, Belcher’s suggested resolution offers principles that can be used by others outside the tradition who seek a way to peace and unity.