Designing Worship Together: Models and Strategies for Worship Planning

by Norma de Waal Malefyt. Rowman & Littlefield, 2005.
Large designing worship together

If you are on a worship committee and you want to collaborate with staff on the design for worship, this book will prove useful for you. Likewise, if you are either a music leader or a pastor who wants to plan worship as a team, this book will provide you with specific steps to take. There are sections on weekly worship planning, structuring the planning process and worship evaluation. Included are templates as well as questions that serve as guides. Both authors are resource development specialists at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. The authors make the case that collaboration in designing worship has become the preferred norm. No longer is worship planned by a clergyperson sitting alone in an upstairs study. The benefits of shared planning, according to the authors’ experience, is that planners will experience vastly increased creativity; they will benefit from a wide range of insight, the congregation will experience greater ownership of what has been planned, and worshipers will experience a healthy variety of experiences in worship.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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