Disaster Ministry Handbook

by Jamie D. Aten, David M. Boan. IVP Books, 2016.
Large disaster ministry handbook

Yes, a disaster can disrupt civil life in your community. And, yes, your congregation is positioned to serve those most vulnerable to harm during and after that disaster. The authors answer the “Why a disaster ministry?” question with a solid theological foundation. They provide real-life examples, templates and detailed how-to suggestions to answer the “How to start? How to sustain?” questions. The discussion questions that conclude each chapter help readers apply the text to their own context. Congregational leaders new to the topic will appreciate the coverage of basics such as the predictable disaster phases, including “honeymoon,” “disillusionment,” and “reconstruction”. Experienced leaders will value the in-depth and professional need-to-know help. For example, the Tools for Planning and Implementation in Part Four and the Disaster Spiritual and Emotional Care Tip Sheets in Part Five. The experienced authors are co-directors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College.