Blog. Patrick David Heery. Presbyterian Church (USA), November 2012. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large eco action

Persons of faith who are looking for ways to put their convictions to work on behalf of the environment will find a variety of suggestions in this simple yet wide-ranging list from a Presbyterian minister and earth care activist. Whether one wishes to take political action, lead a congregational initiative, or make personal changes, “Eco-Action” offers plenty of possibilities. Its bullet-point format with embedded web links allows access to lots of information in a relatively small space. For example, one ministry idea is to plan an Earth Day observance, with a link making Earth Day resources instantly available. Individuals urged to consider a “green funeral” can go directly to more information. There are also links to interfaith, ecumenical and denominational resources, making Eco-Action a helpful tool for individuals, leaders and groups from well beyond its Presbyterian roots.