Ecofaith: Creating and Sustaining Green Congregations

by Charlene Hosenfeld. Pilgrim Press, 2009.
Large ecofaith

For many congregations who are wrestling with issues of becoming “green,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and difficult to know where to begin. In Charlene Hosenfeld’s small but potent manual, Ecofaith: Creating and Sustaining Green Congregations, she provides helpful suggestions for baby steps as well as ambitious ones in living a more sustainable life. Charlene Hosenfeld, “a psychologist by profession and environmentalist by persuasion,” has a unique and holistic perspective on how living harmoniously with the environment also enhances our personal, psychological and spiritual well-being. This resource will benefit individuals, small groups, clergy and congregations who are concerned about taking care of the earth and want to figure out how to do their part. It not only provides many useful ideas and theological perspectives, it introduces you to other vital resources, as well. Rather than leave the reader feeling overwhelmed and uncertain where to begin, this book will help inspire and enlarge your vision for how to live more responsibly as common citizens of the earth.

Curated by Beth Booram

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