Effective Church Communications (ECC)

Yvon Prehn. Accessed November 21, 2018.
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As a church communications specialist, Yvon Prehn says her objective is to assist congregations that are seeking to “fulfill the Great Commission.” Prehn’s Effective Church Communications (ECC) website has two levels of access. The first level is free of charge and for all users. The second level is for those who purchase a membership to ECC. It includes access to all of the materials on the website. The website is organized under the following communication topics: bulletins, bulletin inserts, invitation cards, newsletters, outreach and marketing, websites, and social media. Free materials address planning and evaluating church communications, give a critical review of printed bulletins, and offer training videos that often have accompanying handouts in PDF format. Members have access to downloadable e-books and templates that can be edited to suit the user. E-books discuss recruiting volunteers, outreach communications, developing an effective church communication strategy, and offer devotions for communicators. Templates include invitation cards, newsletters, and bulletin inserts for a variety of occasions and purposes. Only one membership needs to be purchased for a congregation. Non-members may also purchase many of the electronic and printed books.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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