Effective Ministry


This organization began as a research endeavor to determine why growth rates were so low in the Christian church in Australia. The result was a website that provides the results of this research, as well as the solution to the decline: “building churches of ‘disciple -making disciples’ - where God’s Word is prayerfully proclaimed and prayerfully lived out by God’s people in God’s Spirit.” In addition to the research results, Effective Ministry also provides best practices for ministry in the form of Resource Modules. These resource modules are text and video based lessons on how to create a church of disciple-making disciples. Modules focus on discipleship groups; welcoming and integrating new members; youth, children’s, women’s and multicultural ministry; and managing transitions. The site also provides a large number of blogs on discipleship. This website will be helpful to congregations seeking to deepen the practice of discipleship in their context.