Effective Staffing for Vital Churches

by Bill Easum, Bill Tenny-Brittian. Baker Books, 2012.
Large effective staffing

Finding and keeping appropriate church staff members-paid and unpaid-can seem a daunting task. Additionally, the contemporary religious landscape makes church leadership decisions a high priority, say experienced pastors and church growth specialists Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian. Here, Easum and Tenny-Brittian tackle church staffing issues and show readers who to select as leaders, how to do it, and why. The seventeen chapters center on what the authors explain as the “Four Core Processes” of the church: evangelism, retention, discipleship, and mission. Four chapters focus on leadership issues, such as the pastor’s changing role. Several chapters identify “best practices,” and others identify “early signs of failure.” Finally, one chapter shows clergy how to coach current lay-leaders to cultivate and coach future lay-leaders. The subject matter is timely and relevant, though Christian pastors and lay-leaders will be most familiar with the ideas and language.