Elderly & Living Alone in Rural Mississippi

by Wanda Lott Collins. Baylor University, 2011. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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What can relatives, friends, neighbors and the faith community do to assure the well-being and independence of elders who live alone? Author and long-distance care-giver, Wanda Collins, details the story of Mr. Miles, who lives far from family but is enabled to live independently with the support of an extensive social network that provides regular check-ins, meal sharing, transportation and drop-in visits. These supportive interactions attend to his physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and offer his children, who live some distance away, “eyes on the ground” that monitor his day-to-day well-being. This article can serve as a conversation starter for any congregation committed to being more effective in supporting elderly individuals’ independence and quality of life. Subscribe online for free access to the journal.