Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders: Tapping the Root for Ministry

by Susan E. Gillies, M. Ingrid Dvirnak. Judson Press, 2012.
Large empowering laity

Authors and denominational leaders Susan Gillies and Ingrid Dvirnak combine their ministry experience and communication skills in this practical resource that gives readers helpful approaches, suggestions, and ideas for engaging laity in congregational leadership. The authors begin with the ideas that: 1) ministry is not solely about the church or church programs, 2) the focus of ministry needs to be external to the institutional church, and 3) the church is the Body of Christ. Specific topics include Jesus’ leadership style, how to help leaders maintain spiritual health, and how to find, develop, and keep lay-leaders of all ages. Their discussion further includes inter-generational ministry and the relationship between congregational health and effective, life-giving ministry by lay-leaders. The practicality and accessibility of this resource makes it especially valuable for Christian congregations that struggle with finding and keeping lay-leaders and need some new ideas for achieving that.