empty tomb, inc.

Accessed November 30, 2017.
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empty tomb, inc. is a service and research organization, focused on financial discipleship strategies and church giving patterns. They seek to help the church to serve the poor and love our neighbors as ourselves, with two programs: one focused on strategic growth in missions giving, and the other focused on research about church giving in the U.S. Through their “Money for Missions” program, empty tomb, inc. encourages congregations to develop strategies for increasing the percentage of their budget devoted to mission activities, including a program that matches new funds raised by congregations for missions. Their research program points to the decline in giving through the church, and suggests the mission impact that could be made if giving increased. They are responsible for the publication of an annual update on “The State of Church Giving,” using aggregated data from other sources, as well as an original survey, with analysis that may be of interest to congregations seeking to review their giving in light of mission needs and charitable impact.