Encyclopedia of Positive Questions: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Bring out the Best in Your Organization

by Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, and others. Crown Custom Publishing, 2014.
Large encyclopedia positive questions

With just a bit of translating-for example, replace the word organization with congregation, and customers with members-this book, from the originators of Appreciative Inquiry, offers congregations a handy introduction to a method for improved and increased collaboration, service, performance, leadership, learning, vitality, mission, strategic planning, and teamwork. Indeed, because companies, not congregations, are the target audience, the book universally translates to all faith identities, and may have added credibility to congregational leaders who are business people in the community. Positive questions-inquiring about strengths, assets, best practices, dreams, hopes, and vision-lead away from the problem zone and toward a changed-for-the-better congregation and community. Perhaps, sometime in the future, when you are asked, “What resource has inspired you to implement make-a-difference changes?” you might find yourself sharing your experience with this book.

Curator Curated by Sue Edison-Swift

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