Equitable Downsizing

by Mary L Zamore. eJewish Philanthropy, May 14, 2020.

This article shares considerations for downsizing congregational staff in equitable and compassionate ways to meet congregational needs during the financial challenges of COVID-19.


steps to make tough decisions around staff downsizing, government and nonprofit resources, scenario planning, bias and power differentials

Best For

clergy and senior lay leaders of all faiths



Suggested Uses

  • Create a decision-making process for staff downsizing by considering these good practices.
  • Stay relational and compassionate while making difficult, life-changing employment decisions for others.

About the Contributor

Aaron Spiegel

Aaron Spiegel directs the Congregational Resource Guide and is Center for Congregations’ information technology director. He is a rabbi, author, and president of the Synagogue Studies Institute.

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