Essential Guide to Church Financial Reporting

by Richard Vargo. Christianity Today, 2014.

Church treasurers and officers have a burden of responsibility to clearly communicate how members’ monies are being managed. What are some of the basics that can cause this task to have positive effects on future giving? Prepared by a former professor of accounting, this short, 29-page e-book is a good starting point. Effective, clear reports leave no room for doubt and build trust so that congregations can make decisions based on sound data. Different reports go to different audiences, so it is essential to communicate well so that congregants with little understanding of finances can see a clear picture. In a chapter on principles of financial reporting, questions are asked to elevate awareness of the organization’s practices to judge whether it is providing useful information to congregants. Each chapter concludes with a couple of action item questions to help stewards assess their approaches. Suggested sources, such as books, websites, and downloads are offered for further study.