Facilitation Skills for Ministry

by Jo Whitehead, Sally Nash, and others. SPCK Publishing, 2013.
Large facilitation skills

Clergy and consultants seeking to empower and train congregational leaders to facilitate congregational teams will find this comprehensive guide a great asset. Each of the three authors contributes to chapters highlighting their expertise, which makes for a rich tapestry of leadership development aids. The work begins with a discussion of the styles of leadership and the need for group facilitation. This is followed by a discussion of five dimensions of facilitation and the power of spiritual discernment during the process. This is followed by chapters dealing with basic skills, planning, relationship-building, developing powerful questions, and finding one’s own style. Additional chapters discuss the importance of the physical environment, the power of group culture and roles, and various approaches to facilitation. Groups often face conflict, so issues of intervention, interaction, and the role of emotion are also addressed. The book concludes with clues to deal with the special needs of specific group tasks. These include facilitating informal worship, specialized meetings, learning environments, specific decision making and facilitating change. There are also action and reflection steps offered after each chapter.