Faith Communities Today: Increasing Young Adult Participation in Churches and Other Faith Communities

Perry Chang. Faith Communities Today. Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large fact engaging young adults report

Congregations that successfully engage adults ages 18-34 have a number of things in common. For example, they are more likely to have two or more clergy staff, use electric guitars and projection screens in worship, and focus on spiritual practices. These distinctions emerged from research on young adults’ participation in congregational life that was sponsored by the Cooperative Congregation Studies Partnership, based at the Hartford Institute on Religion Research at Hartford Seminary. It examined congregations across an interfaith spectrum from Protestant Christian and Catholic to Jewish and Muslim. Faith Communities Today is the source for reports that summarize this research. The reports spotlight congregations that are effectively engaging young adults and provide clues and cues to best practices. These resources are unique for their interfaith scope and can be useful to lay and professional leaders alike. All reports can be downloaded free of charge.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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