Faith Formation with Baby Boomers

Lifelong Faith Associates, LLC, Winter 2010 . Accessed November 30, 2017.
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The Baby Boomer generation looks forward to a retirement marked by relative good health, financial independence and an active lifestyle. As with every life stage of this large demographic, they are re-writing the rules on aging. Are congregations ready for them? Lifelong Faith Journal editor and researcher, John Roberto, has devoted an entire issue to current research on the faith and attitudes of boomers and identified important implications for ministry. Essays by the likes of Joan Chittister, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, and Richard Gentzler address topics such as ageism, faith formation, learning, and spirituality in the later years. Readers will find leads to further resources from books to websites. This 55-page document is available free of charge and is recommended for pastors, leaders and anyone looking for foundational knowledge on ministry with senior adults.