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Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. Accessed June 26, 2019.
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These days, you need time to browse information without a specific purpose. Scanning the landscape allows connections to be made even when you aren’t looking for them. The Faith & Leadership website, courtesy of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, provides such an experience. Experiencing this website is like standing on the edge of a road, looking around for the sake of looking around, and then seeing Mount Rushmore clearly before you. You can find much good information here. At any given time, you will find articles about religious leaders who have effectively made something about this world better. The tone is inviting, never preachy or expert driven. The content ranges from scenarios about tough challenges (creating jobs for inner city youth, for example) to statistics about congregational life in the United States (there’s plenty of information about the National Congregations Study). Other features include interviews, multimedia presentations and sermons. Like a family trip out west, what you learn here can provide you an expansive view of religious life and leadership. Faith & Leadership draws on multiple disciplines, publishing new magazine content every two weeks and a daily news roundup five days per week. Take a look and learn from those who are on a similar journey.

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