Faith Trust Institute

Seattle, WA. (206) 634-1903.
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The Faith Trust Institute was formed in Seattle nearly forty years ago as an educational resource dedicated to addressing sexual and domestic violence in faith communities. In the years since, Faith Trust has become a multi-cultural, ecumenical, and interfaith resource for all religious communities. The organization desires to end violence and abuse against vulnerable populations, and they combat it with personal and online training, webinars, books, DVDs, a blog and e-newsletter, and consulting. The types of violence and abuse addressed include child and elder abuse, teenage relationships, and an extensive article on clergy abuse can be found on the website's {{Frequently Asked Questions' |}} page. Free webinars address social media and teenagers, spirituality for child abuse victims, and confronting elder abuse. Online training courses, such as responding to clergy misconduct, are also offered. The multi-cultural, ecumenical, and inter-faith perspective of this organization makes it an invaluable resource for lay-leaders, clergy, and judicatory personnel from numerous religious traditions.