Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World

by Ray Carroll. Civitas Press, 2011.

Carroll is a former Southern Baptist pastor, removed from his congregation after adultery. Through this book and his blog, {{fallenpastor.com | https://fallenpastor.com/}}, Carroll’s focus is on men who serve in settings where divorce means lost ministry. In the Foreword, Jake Larson, cofounder of XXXChurch.com-a website addressing internet pornography addiction-claims these men are either fallen or susceptible to fall. Carroll writes in order to: (1) Help men “fallen from grace” find restoration; (2) Reach out to those affected by the adultery; (3) Offer a guide to prevent failure in the first place; and (4) Suggest ways to “take up the call to walk [with] a fallen pastor in his darkest hour”. Leaders new to ministry and church personnel committee members may want to read this as a cautionary tale.