Feasting on the Word Guide to Children's Sermons

by David L. Bartlett, Carol Bartlett. Westminster John Knox Press, 2014.

In this practical guide, educators Carol and David Bartlett argue that the best children’s sermon is written by the one who presents it. Although ready-made options are widely available, the authors offer compelling reasons why the extra effort is worth it, and offer tips and tools for the sermon giver. Their presentation on children’s developmental stages provides a window into young people’s linguistic and cognitive capacities and suggests communication strategies for each stage. An entire chapter is devoted to typical children’s sermon styles with their strengths and weaknesses. The authors explain the value of using the Revised Common Lectionary as a source for sermon texts. Finally, there are a number of sample sermons for illustration. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection. In addition to pastors and laity responsible for the children’s sermon, this resource could be of use to anyone committed to children’s faith formation.