Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness: The Way of the Cross for People on the Journey of Mental Illness

by Scott Rose, Fred Wenner, and others. Orbis Books, 2016.

A community health organization in Maryland sets the background for the fifteen hopeful stories of men and women served at Way Station. Parallels with Jesus' journey to the cross shine through. A rejected man stumbles under his burden while judgmental crowds stand by. An unjustly accused man leaves a legacy of compassion and service. A family member helps carry a loved one's load. A lonely woman with intellectual difficulties receives comfort by a faithful companion. Authors Scott Rose, Fred Wenner and Al Rose unveil tales of societal stigma eventually yielding transformative experiences during their years as mental health providers at Way Station. The beautiful artwork provided by a professional sculptor and former client of Way Station, Homer Yost, complements the depth of material. This Lenten study will prompt individuals and small groups with provocative discussion and self-examination.