Financial Information & Tools

Pittsburgh Presbytery, PCUSA. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large financial info and tools

This website offers five links to articles on the following topics: “Request to Encumber or Mortgage,” “Local Church Financial Review Guide,” “Questions about Housing Allowance,” “W-2 Sample for Ordained Staff,” and “Records Retention Schedule.” The “Review Guide” answers common questions about financial audits in a Q & A format that includes a definition of terms, the elements of an audit, and suggestions for explaining the auditor’s report to a congregation. “Housing Allowance” includes a discussion about how a housing allowance is to be determined, documented, and reported. The “W-2 Sample” is a replica of the form with its components identified and explained. The records schedule includes permanent and temporary records, and a timetable for other documents, such as employment applications, time cards, and W-4 forms. While the documents assume Presbyterian polity, most of the information applies to numerous religious traditions, though the booklet does not substitute for legal or financial professional advice.