Finishers Project

The Villages, FL. (480) 584-5448.

Baby Boomers are “the healthiest and best educated generation of evangelical retirees in history” and they have a passion for making a difference in the world. As such, they constitute a powerful pool of potential mission workers. The Finishers Project exists to connect them to short- and long-term mission opportunities. Special discernment events are held at various locations across the country to attract participants and challenge them to invest their gifts in service to others. Once on board, Finishers helps them navigate the process of finding and securing assignments that fit their skill sets and circumstances. A network of dozens of approved non-profit partners provides the placements. Now that the next generation is approaching retirement, Finishers is reaching out to them through {{MissionNext |}}, a website with links to a variety of service opportunities and support. Both sites are great resources for congregations looking for service opportunities for senior adults.