Formational Children's Ministry: Shaping Children Using Story, Ritual, and Relationship

by Ivy Beckwith. Baker Books, 2010.
Large formational childrens ministry

It is time for a new model of how the church equips children through faith formation. Ivy Beckwith presents an organic and comprehensive model for doing that. In this short book, she argues that much of what congregations do with children falls more into the category of entertainment and knowledge acquisition than faith formation. A new model would place children within the context of God’ Story as it is shared in the church, its ritual, in the spiritual disciplines, and the community. She also highlights the important power of the family to do the good work of soul care for children. Basing her argument on important theological considerations many would consider “emergent”, Beckwith hopes to encourage congregational leaders to present the Christian message to children in ways that will not only capture the child’s imagination but connect them directly with peer to peer relationships within the community. This book should be useful to Christian educators and parents alike.

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