Fundraising for Churches: 12 Keys to Success Every Church Leader Should Know

by Linda Wise McNay, Sarah B. Matthews. CharityChannel Press, 2017.

If there is one key to successful fundraising, it is knowing your story and telling it well. This wisdom and more can be found in Fundraising for Churches. Written by active laypersons and professionals in the non-profit world the book is a treasure trove of such practical information. It begins with a two-page summary. Then it launches into in-depth discussions on topics like leadership, the importance of planning, and the use of technology in fundraising campaigns. Not surprisingly, the authors assert that congregations enjoy an advantage in the “spiritual side of giving”. Learn how to approach fundraising initiatives such as capital campaigns, endowments, and even general fund drives. This 113-page manual is structured as a how-to guide with lots of adaptable tools like calendars, sample budgets and to-do lists. For congregations thinking of embarking on a fundraising campaign, Fundraising for Churches could be a time- and money-saving first step.