Net Results, Inc.

According to Bill Hoyt, “The generational tsunami is upon us.” And in this issue of NetResults, readers will find a number of related themes around the topic of Generations. NetResults is a bi-monthly, on-line periodical chalked full of practical and proven ministry tools and tips to help churches grow. In this issue, each article is written by someone with a particular generational expertise and topics include things like “Where are the 20-somethings?”, “The Conversations of Our Generation” and “Inter-generational Ministry.” For those concerned with what’s going on in the world of generations and how to understand the differences between them, this issue will provide an assortment of responses. This volume would be helpful for laity and clergy involved in leading congregations, especially those wanting to more effectively reach a younger demographic. {{NetResults periodical |}} is available by subscription. The basic subscription is $29.95 and the premium subscription is $59.95, which includes access to the archives of all previous issues.