Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating, & Serving Faithfully

by Kathie Amidei, Jim Merhaut, and others. Lifelong Faith Associates, LLC, 2014.
Large generations together

One of the rare places where all existing generations meet regularly is the parish or local church. Being intentional about nurturing relationships among generations can have a profound effect on faith formation and vitality of the church community. The authors, well-known researchers and practitioners in this field, combine their expertise to lay the groundwork for establishing vibrant intergenerational congregations. They explore how faith develops from generation to generation, and some practices that produce positive outcomes. One chapter tells the story of one church’s venture into becoming intergenerational and their insights into what they learned. A toolkit for planning and designing such a ministry is offered, as well as a look at characteristics of effective leadership. Sprinkled throughout are suggested resources, both print and online. This source offers practical ideas that have been tested successfully.

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