Generosity Rising: Lead a Stewardship Revolution in Your Church

by Scott McKenzie. Abingdon Press, 2016.
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There are many books on the topic of generosity and financial stewardship for congregations, including several good ones by Scott McKenzie and his colleagues at Horizon Stewardship. This book carves out a particular niche of inspiring and coaching the individual congregation leader who wants to change the congregation’s stewardship life for the better. That leader might be a lone volunteer on a committee, or it might be the pastor or the stewardship chairperson. McKenzie seeks to motivate, encourage and teach that person to bring “revolutionary” change to his or her congregation’s generosity within one year. The approach is clearly faith-based, and questions for personal faith reflection are woven throughout. The method is practical and carefully laid out, beginning with a focus on one’s own commitment, then recruiting and building a team, and then addressing key issues in the congregation. The conclusion lays out a 12-month “plan for revolution,” including an annotated sample calendar for implementing the strategies that have been discussed. An appendix to the book is a “21-day-challenge” of biblical reflection and prayer recommended for the leader(s). An experienced pastor and financial stewardship consultant, Scott McKenzie offers encouragement and strategy to any individual or small group seeking the inspiration and the tools to bring significant improvement to the congregation’s stewardship and generosity.