Go the Distance

Group Publishing , 2013.
Large go the distance

Group Publishing has a history of providing the Christian community with practical and user-friendly resources. Go the Distance, one of a three book series on working with volunteers and volunteerism, is no exception. The eleven chapters in this book go beyond the basics to cover topics such as evaluation, communication, and two chapters on accountability. Additionally, this material considers the role of leaders, the impact of prayer, how to determine a purpose and mission, and how to handle the expectations of others, as well as oneself. One of the chapters on accountability offers “four questions to ask when a problem does appear.” The chapter on prayer has suggestions for making volunteers a matter of both personal and communal prayer. The two other books in the Volunteer Leadership series are titled {{Jump Start | https://www.group.com/product/9781470706753-jump-start-pdf-download.do?}} and {{Moving Forward | https://www.group.com/product/9781470706777-moving-forward-pdf-download.do?}}. All three books in the series are appropriate for Christian pastors, lay-leaders, board and committee members, and anyone in the church who wants to improve their work with volunteers or enhance their volunteer ministry. Books in this series are available as pdf downloads.