God's Tapestry: Understanding and Celebrating Differences

by William Kondrath. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.
Large gods tapestry

This book offers personal, practical and theological reflection on the personal and organizational transformations necessary to notice, understand and celebrate differences in congregations and other communities. The focus is racial-ethnic difference, with a chapter on differences between men and women, but the material could assist people working through any kind of inter-personal differences of opinion or conflicts. The book includes exercises, charts and tips, along with questions for reflection and discussion throughout. Step-by-step guidelines for understanding and addressing differences are followed by discussions of racism, oppression and other power differences, and the role of feelings, imagination and relational theory. Individuals and congregational leaders interested in doing the hard personal and informational work of moving through these deep differences and their effects on congregations will find this a thoughtful and useful resource.