Good Night, Sleep Tight: Bedtime Rituals

Interfaith Family. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large good night sleep tight

“Rituals give a comforting shape to a child's day. They offer a child a sense of stability and security that provide a gentle transition to sleep. The regularity of brushing teeth, reading a story or singing a song before being kissed goodnight suggests to children that what they know and love is a constant and will be there again in the morning.” This free, five-page booklet from InterfaithFamily, “supporting interfaith families exploring Jewish life”, encourages parents to “make bedtime a Jewish time.” It offers rationale, tips and tools for establishing a ritual of prayer and blessing for young children, forming a foundation for lifelong Jewish identity and practice. A Resources section provides links to related books. “Good Night, Sleep Tight” is available in PDF format for viewing and downloading. The booklet is part of a series on Jewish Holidays and Culture and Jewish Life Cycle Events which also includes “Celebrating High Holy Days with Kids.” For more information and additional resources, visit the {{Interfaith Family website |}}.