Greater Orlando Baptist Association

Orlando, FL. (407) 293-0450.
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The Greater Orlando Baptist Association (GOBA) is known nationally for its annual “Renovate Conference”. Among other items listed on their {{website |}} are dozens of articles, blogs and podcasts of particular interest to Independent and Baptist congregations. They likely may find resonance among some mainline congregations also. Typical topics include: Can Old Churches Reach New People, What it Takes to Get a Church Unstuck, The Glass Ceiling in Church Revitalization, Church Revitalization Myths, Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization, Revitalizing Vintage Churches, Mergers, Stumbling Blocks to Church Change, Things to be Relinquished in Church Revitalization, Practical Steps to Leading a Church off a Plateau, The Glass Ceiling in Church Revitalization, Honoring the Church’s Past in Church Revitalization, etc. Their website offers several resources and book reviews as well as an e-magazine and bookstore, coaching, and consultants. This is an organization dedicated to congregational renewal in creative and appealing ways. The site is easy to navigate and well organized.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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