Grief: A Journey of Discovery

John Kennedy Saynor. Video. 15:04 . Genesis Bereavement Resources.
Large grief

John Kennedy Saynor accompanies the viewer on a journey through the unfamiliar territory of grief, using images, music and words to aid in understanding the experience of grief. Saynor describes the information given as his credo, what he believes regarding the process of grief. He includes what affects the grief process, feelings experienced, symptoms of grief, changes that may happen, and how to help oneself. Because this video mentions faith in a general sense, it can be beneficial to congregations and individuals from all faith traditions. Formerly a funeral director, Saynor is a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada with ministry to bereaved people, in addition to writing and speaking on bereavement. He is also the founder of the Genesis Bereavement Resource Centre.

Curated by Marsha McDaniel

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